Isn’t she lovely

June 30, 2010

Kate was very happy yesterday when she came out of bed. When I look at this picture I get happy too.


She & shoes

June 29, 2010

My daughter got 2 ‘new’ pair of shoes in 2 days! The first ones I got from the internet, they’re secondhand (!).

Since the weather is so great lately, she had to have a pair of sandals. See here, her first Birckenstocks… She picked them out herself (off course!).


June 29, 2010

Gift from my collegues. These colours give me joy, yeey!

Real old Dutch music

June 26, 2010

Had to buy some gifts and Nespresso (off course) in the center. Every saturday there’s an ‘Orgel’, it’s typical dutch and makes music while the puppets ring the bells. It’s tradition to give the ‘orgelman’ some coins and so we did. The orange decoration is for support of “oranje’ (see the post ‘You give me orange fever’).

Every year we enjoy ‘De Parade’, a touring festival which has it’s start in Rotterdam as always. We are so lucky with the outstanding weather cause it’s all outside!! Besides all kinds of theater you can take a ride in the caroussel, ‘zweefmolen’ in Dutch. It’s somehow the feature of the Parade, for kids but also for grown-ups. Unfortunately this festival gets more commercial every year….

Lunch on a roof

June 23, 2010

Due to great weather we hád to have lunch on our roof. It’s almost ready now, the last stones were cemented on the sidewalls monday and yesterday it’s finished with beautiful black ‘grooves’. Now I can go out ad buy more pots and plants. More than two (!) years ago we started this renovation and most plants did not survive with so little care from me….


June 23, 2010


We got a bunch of clothing from friends and it included these havaiana slippers. They’re way to big for my daughter but she won’t take them off. I’m glad it’s nice weather!!!

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