July 14, 2010

This is what I call ‘eigenwijs’, our little Kate. I looked it up at the dictionairy, in English it’s ‘pigheaded’…. Think that sounds quite negative. In Dutch this is meant positively! We’re having our hands full so to say, but are delighted too!


Booming flowers

July 8, 2010

Still missing something in the first flower (made with the felt I’ve gotten, see earlier post).

Next day I tried with an extra circle in the middle, finished! I gave it away to a birthday-girl.

Guess, my daughter wants one too, here it is, shé choose the colours. Suprise: all pink!

Bye bye blouse

July 5, 2010

Little girls grow tall….

My garden grooves…

July 4, 2010

Bought new plants for our roofgarden. I have to restrain myself: next month I’ll buy more.

The white flowers are cosmea, the purple beneath is a lupine. Hopefully butterflies and bees will visit us soon and the insects stay away!!

My parents in law have a ‘volkstuin’ ; a garden in a complex of other gardens. It’s great, litterally, cause it over 100 m2! There’s also a little wooden house with kitchen, bed and toilet.

My son has great fun there, together with his friend. Hopefully this weather’ll keep on; the schoolholiday has started.

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