Illustrations on ‘Work’

August 27, 2010

Scanned some illustrations I made, on my page ‘Work’ you’ll find some. From now on I’ll try and update this more regularly!

On this page, by the way, more of my graphic work (digital) is to be expected….. Please comment!


Old traditions 2

August 25, 2010

Above a dress I made for Kate’s 2nd birthday. Underneath the dress I made for her 1st birthday. Surely I want to continue this tradition but she not to keen on dresses….

Old traditions 1

August 25, 2010

Was dusting our ‘treasures’ yesterday and had to share this item! Daughter Kate got it at birth from our friends Mary & Richard.

They got this adorable ‘head’ from a curiosityshop. It’s about 8 cm’s high. Apparently in some countries (thought it was Germany) new born babies get this as an old tradtion. How I love old traditions and this one is of such a good taste!

Made in ink

August 20, 2010

For almost 2 years a aquarel-postcardblock is lying in my drawer. Because a postcrosser ( asked for a handmade card I made a quick drawing of typical Dutch houses. Maybe there will folow more now that a made a start…

Heavenly holidays

August 13, 2010

We had a great holiday with the 4 of us. We went to the ‘Vosges’ in France:

Wonderful nature and nice villages and castles like Haut Koenigsbourg ( and an eagleshow (

Had quite some rainy days and visited Strasbourg, which I can recommand!!!

The only downside is that a tick has ‘visited’ my son Jack and he has an ignited ear right now…..

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