What to do???

July 2, 2012

Ik heb zo wel 15 van deze potjes bij elkaar gespaard. Nu is de vraag wat ik hiermee zal doen (ze staan in de weg volgens mijn lief). Iemand een idee?

I’ve collected about 15 of these jars. The question is what to do with them (they’re in the way, my love says). Does anybody have a good idea?


4 Responses to “What to do???”

  1. i actually drink out one of these jars! You might consider using them for storage: beads, cotton balls in the bathroom, or for organizing some crafts: roll of tape, extra staples, rubber bands, paper clips


    • geeske Says:

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks very much for your comment!In fact a few are filled with beads of my daughter. But I have so many jars (and my husband keeps eating jam), I’m looking for a solution of display without loosing the sight of the beautiful lids. Thought about glueing the lids to a shelf and ‘screw’ the jar underneath the lid but then I loose sight of the lids, perhaps you have a spontaneous idea? Have a nice evening! Geeske


  2. Krisha Says:

    Hey , visiting from Brinja – love your blog!
    What about a jam jar chandelier? I made a lamp of one, but I can totally see a cluster of them! Take a look at: http://recyclingmama.squarespace.com/home/2012/1/27/jam-jar-lamp.html


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