Cold & Sunny

February 9, 2012

Er moest natuurlijk geschaatst worden afgelopen weekend. Dat deden we in het dorp waar ik opgroeide en waar mijn ouders wonen, hierboven het uitzicht vanuit hun keukenraam. Veel kleine slootjes die nog niet beschaatst waren en waar nog flink wat sneeuw moest worden geruimd. Ook zijn we naar de baan van de IJsclub gegaan waar het heerlijk schaatsen was. Mijn moeder verzorgde de ‘Koek & Zopie’. Helaas heeft mijn vader zijn bovenarm gebroken na een val op het ijs bij het sleetje trekken, een operatie volgt morgen….

We had to ice-skate off course!! Saterday we went to the little village where I grew up. Above you see the view from my parents house, lots of little ditches to skate on. We also went to a very nice piste from the Iceskating-club where we could go very fast. My mum was working at the ‘Koek & Zopie’, a small barrack where you can get coffee, hot cocoa and the dutch version of a hot dog. Unfortunately my dad broke his upper-arm, an operation is due tomorrow….


Self made house

December 21, 2010

This is a little house made of ‘peperkoek’ and sugar-glaze. Pooh, quite some work, especially with two impatient children around you… But hey, perfect job for a lazy cold sunday!

What to do on a cold day

December 17, 2010

On a cold day with lots of snow you;

-first make a snowman (sneeuwpop in dutch)

– second you go inside and read your favourite book (mine is Maigret by Simenon)

-and third enjoy the work you did decorating the cristmastree

Wake up view

December 10, 2010

A week ago everything was covered in a big layer of snow, this week I woke up and this is what I saw from my kitchen window. Very fairylike!

She and Silver shoes

December 7, 2010

A new round of shoes for Kate. We bought the boots below cause snow was coming up and they’re already used very much (we had lots of snow last week, especially saturday!!!).

The spanish shoes above are a gift from ‘Sinterklaas’. Somehow she in a silver mood when it comes to shoes. See earlier ‘She and Shoes’-post.


It’s cold outside

November 27, 2010

It’s getting cold outside (at night it’s already freezing and up north in Holland it snowed…) but that’s so refreshing. We went outside on the walking-bike I showed you yesterday (the 2 wheels) and stranded in a playgarden nearby. Great to sit on a swing together and sing some songs!

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