gggeeske gilet

December 31, 2010

Finally finished, my version of the Zsazsa-gilet. I made it with a dots fabric (I can’t resist dots!) and the rest of Kate’s red birthday-dress. In between is some kind of fiberfill and it’s wearable both sides. Though it goes perfectly with the birthday-dress, Kate doesn’t like it that much…. girls!



December 30, 2010

Iceskating for the first time,
skates have no breaks. Jack experienced this the hard

Christmas Kate

December 27, 2010

What Kate wore at Christmas! Picked by herself, she calls it her Ladybug-dress.

Merry christmas

December 24, 2010

Merry christmas to you all!!!!

Isn’t this a crocodile?

December 23, 2010

My love bought new socks, they came on this piece of plastic. Isn’t it just a crocodile? I had to draw a crocodile around it, se below. Somehow, the suggestion of a crocodile without the drawing pleases me the most what about you?!!

Self made house

December 21, 2010

This is a little house made of ‘peperkoek’ and sugar-glaze. Pooh, quite some work, especially with two impatient children around you… But hey, perfect job for a lazy cold sunday!

What to do on a cold day

December 17, 2010

On a cold day with lots of snow you;

-first make a snowman (sneeuwpop in dutch)

– second you go inside and read your favourite book (mine is Maigret by Simenon)

-and third enjoy the work you did decorating the cristmastree

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