Made by Kate!

November 30, 2010

Made by Kate last week, a first from the sewing machine. It’s a simple bag, we use it for her ‘little home shop’, quite cute hah!


View on the river ‘Maas’

November 29, 2010

View on the river Maas, Lloydpier, near our house. Enjoy!

It’s cold outside

November 27, 2010

It’s getting cold outside (at night it’s already freezing and up north in Holland it snowed…) but that’s so refreshing. We went outside on the walking-bike I showed you yesterday (the 2 wheels) and stranded in a playgarden nearby. Great to sit on a swing together and sing some songs!

From 3 to 2 wheelies

November 26, 2010

Time for Kate to say goodbye to three wheels (se above) and say hello to two (underneath)!

Letter ‘E’

November 25, 2010

We just had lunch, Kate ate a brown bowl of bread. Being just 3 years old she couldn’t resist playing with her food and she tear of the crust. Here the result, she shouted:

“Look mum, the letter E (huh?)!!!”

A happy moment…

Brother & sister

November 24, 2010



Lets try a fox today

November 23, 2010

Found a fox I drawn a few years ago, see above. While Kate was painting I tried some variations on it. Still think the orginal is the most sympathic….

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